Sloped Backyard Swingset Install

Eastern Jungle Gym’s “Straight-Base” Series Makes Slope Installs a Breeze

Sloped backyard can be challenging for many swing set manufacturers and installers. Eastern Jungle Gym swing sets makes it easy with their “Straight Base Series”. We can just about accommodate any back yard, no matter the slope. Specially designed ground runners and installation instructions make installing a breeze in your backyard.  Pictured to the right is one of our installers using a shovel and carpenter levels to get the supports positioned for a perfect leveled play deck.

Finished Eastern Jungle Gym Dreamscape in Mundelein, IL. There is no extra charge for slope yards with straight-base series swing sets. Just the standard installation fee.


If you have a un-level backyard consider these great options:


  • 23′ x 9′
  • 5′ deck height
  • 55″ x 29″ deck


  • 25′ x 10′ or (19′ x 15′ alt config)
  • 5′ 6″ deck height
  • 55″ x 58″ deck


  • 26′ x 11′ or (20′ x 15′ alt config)
  • 6′ deck height
  • 55″ x 58″ deck

Fantasy Tree House

  • 24′ x 16′
  • 5’6″ and 7′ deck heights
  • 55″ x 58″ lower deck
  • 55″ x 111″ upper deck