We’re Open for Spring 2023 Mulch Season!

Aged Mulch Grinding
Spring Grinding Triple Ground
A fine Triple Ground Product, great for your garden
Mulch ground March 21st, 2023

We’re officially open for the spring mulch rush season.  Temps are rising and early Spring perennial flowers are peeking up out of the soil after a long winter!  It won’t be soon before weeds pop up. Mulch, a non-pesticide option, is one of the best solutions. Consider Triple Ground Aged Mulch . We naturally age and grind this much for 5+ months to promote a nice rich dark brown color. Aging starts the breakdown process of wood and leaves. Without this process nutrients would actually be taken out of the garden temporarily! By buying an aged product you skip most of this process and get a ready-to-go product right from delivery. Some other suppliers don’t process this way and grind and color logs right away to fake this process. The mulch may look good, but it will take time for the proper amount of breakdown to happen to start feeding your plants nutrients. Just in case your curious about our colored mulch products, yes we do age those as well! To read more up about Colored Mulch head over to our premium mulch colored products here!