If you’re looking for the best playset protection surface, rubber mulch is the answer! It provides unmatched shock absorbency, and lasts a lifetime. Unlike sand, wood mulch or pea gravel, rubber mulch does not require any maintenance. It dries quickly after rain, will not freeze or decompose, and looks great for years! Wood mulch is designed to promote moisture retention which can lead to wood rot. Rubber mulch keeps wood components dry and helps them last for years. Rubber mulch is available in five color choices, and it easy to install.

Order our rubber borders and rubber mats together with your rubber mulch, or with a swing set, and receive a special package price discount!

Brown Rubber Mulch

1 Ton Super Sack

Blue Rubber Mulch

1 Ton Super Sack

Red Rubber Mulch

1 Ton Super Sack

Green Rubber Mulch

1 Ton Super Sack

Natural Rubber Mulch

1 Ton Super Sack

Be clean and green with rubber mulch. It’s the smart choice for our planet. Recycle a tire; save a tree. Rubber mulch is completely non-toxic and odor free. All removed steel and loose nylon fiber is sent for further recycling. Complies with LEED standards.

Rubber Borders

Think out of the box and go curved with our rubber borders. Our borders are designed specifically to surround any area that you want to enclose. The boarders are stackable, interlocking, and remarkably flexible allowing for creative playground design and layout. It’s also easy to install, and comes with all necessary hardware. The neutral brown tone makes them compatible with any surface color.The most secure and efficient playground barrier, Rubber Borders keep rubber mulch in and unwanted debris out. Our rubber borders are exceptional: smooth and seamless; no decomposition, warping or discoloration; an unbelievable ten year warranty.

Rubber Wear Mats

The final addition of security, try Rubber Wear Mats! Designed to provide extra cushioning for high-impact areas such as swings and slides, Rubber Wear Mats keep kids safe no matter what the activity. Rubber wear mats provide the perfect finishing touch for any playground area that has a loose fill surface. Our rubber wear mats are specifically designed for potentially high impact areas, such as beneath swings and slides, to prevent dispersion. Rubber wear mats also provide an added layer of fall protection.

  • Impact tested to a 3′ fall height
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 30″ x 1.5″
  • Each mat weighs 36 lbs.
  • Web bottom for superior traction and non-slip performance
  • Made of 100% recycled rubber

Fall Height Ratings for Surfaces

Why Rubber Mulch is The Best

  • Made of 100-percent recycled tires for the most responsible and environmentally-friendly choice.
  • Proven to be the safest loose fill available compared to other surfacing.
  • Rubber mulch is the longest lasting and most cost-effective, never needing maintenance or replacing.
  • Has great draining so it always stays dry and never freezes in winter.
  • Color will last at least 10 years, assuring a beautiful area that lasts.
  • Will not attract vermin, insects, bugs or termites.
  • Does not float away and is heavier than wood mulch.
  • Always dry and ready for play, even after a heavy rainfall.
  • Never decomposes or compacts, and retains its safety rating.
  • IPEMA certified.
  • ASTM approved and compliant with ASTM F 1951 ADA.
  • Made in the USA!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is fall height determined?

A: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the U.S. Testing Company, and the State of Illinois, among numerous state and federal agencies, independent laboratories and licensed testing companies have conducted various tests designed to measure the shock-absorption of various surface materials as they relate to falling objects. Tire rubber chips have been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material.

Q: Is rubber mulch ever dusty or slippery?

A: No. In addition to promoting almost instantaneous drainage, rubber mulch retains small amounts of moisture, which is just enough to prevent the accumulation of dust and slipperiness.

Q: Will rubber mulch stain clothing or the area where it is installed?

A: No. Unlike wood mulch or chips which can bleed when wet, rubber mulch does not stain.

Q: What if my child falls?

A: Tire rubber mulch chips have been shown to consistently absorb more shock impact than any other standard surface material. This is particularly important because more than 200,000 playground injuries end up in the emergency room every year. That is more than 500 visits per day. The majority of those injuries are attributed to falls. Therefore you can’t afford to have anything less than the world’s safest playground surface.

Q: Will rubber mulch crumble, disintegrate, or decompose?

A: No. rubber mulch chips are made from 100% tire rubber. All tires are made of vulcanized rubber. the vulcanizing process makes the rubber literally indestructible.

Q: How much do I need?

A: To determine the amount of rubber mulch you need, use the following formula: (Length multiplied by Width Multiplied by .25). This will give you the cubic yards necessary to cover the space with a depth of three inches.  Each super sack is 2000lbs or roughly 2.7 cubic yards each. If you need assistance, we’re happy to help! 1-847-802-8088.

Q: How many inches of rubber mulch is needed for a safe installation?

A: Rule of thumb is Landscaping 1.5” / residential playground 3” / commercial playground 6”

Q: Does rubber mulch come in any color besides black?

A: Yes. We have five beautiful colors available. Dyed Black, Royal Blue, Forest Green, Cocoa Brown, Terra Cotta Red.

Q: How long does the color last?

A: All rubber mulch comes with a 10-year color guarantee.

Q: Do I have to replenish the mulch every year?

A: NO. One of the cost saving benefits of rubber mulch is that it never needs to be replaced like wood mulch. It doesn’t decay or blow away so ends up actually costing less in the long term.

Q: What if children or pets eat rubber mulch?

A: Rubber mulch is completely non-toxic. Even colored rubber mulch is colored with non-toxic paints. If accidentally swallowed, it simply passes through the digestive tract of humans and animals.

Q: Does rubber mulch require a lot of maintenance?

A: No! Maintenance is easy. Aside from fewer weeds, sticks and foreign objects can be removed with a leaf blower or by light raking.

Q: Does rubber mulch attract bugs and termites?

A: No. The bugs are attracted to the organic wood fibers which are not present in rubber mulch.