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Our Response to Covid-19(Corona Virus)

Our Response to Covid-19(corona virus) updated 5/23/20 We are currently open with special precautions taken to limit person to person contact. The CDC just announced new guidelines yesterday on transmission and direct person-to-person contact seems to be the overwhelming way Covid-19 is transmitted.  Transmission from person-to-object-to-person seems low as of their briefing yesterday.  To read […]

Bulk Mulch Pick Up

Have some question on picking up bulk much? Looking to save a few bucks on delivery fees? We’re here to help with the decision and to get you and your truck or trailer out the door safe! Below we are going to go over the basic process of picking up mulch at our facility and […]

Springs Here!

Perenials Emerging

Hosta’s, daylilies, and tulips are popping up; growing bigger every day. Weeds are right around the corner. Mulch doesn’t last forever. As it biodegrades, it releases nitrogen back into the soil. Fresh mulch is needed to take its place as a buffer between the nutrient-rich moist soil and the every unforgiving environment. A proper refreshing […]

2017: When Should I Start Mulching?

Spring time mulch making

It’s challenging to figure out when to get going in the yard. To get a jump start in supressing weeds, we always reference the monthly outlook over at Check it out! It shows a 2 week forecast and average daily temps after that. A good resource. The 16th and 17th look promising as of […]