Our Response to Covid-19(Corona Virus)

Our Response to Covid-19(corona virus) updated 5/23/20

We are currently open with special precautions taken to limit person to person contact. The CDC just announced new guidelines yesterday on transmission and direct person-to-person contact seems to be the overwhelming way Covid-19 is transmitted.  Transmission from person-to-object-to-person seems low as of their briefing yesterday.  To read more, please go directly to the CDC website. Keeping unnecessary meetings low is our best defense to bringing you a quality product in the safest way possible to your home.

Residential Customers

  • For Landscape Supply Delivery Orders(Mulch, Soil, Gravel)
    • Office closed to walk-in orders.
    • Please order in online shop or by calling 847-802-8088.
    • Deliveries will be zero in-person contact. Please do not approach driver.
    • Please let us know where on the driveway you would like your product dropped at time of order.
    • Receipts via email only.
  • For Shed and Swing Set Customers
    • Come in, must bring a mask.
    • Office hours M-F 7:00 to 5:00, Sat 8-2
    • We have hand sanitizer in office

Commercial Customers

  • Must bring a mask.
  • Hours and business as usual.
  • We have hand sanitizer in office.


—-Previous Post on 3/21/20—

Yes, we’re planning to remain open through the shelter in place order for non-essential workers.

We are staying open under Governor Pritzker’s, “Essential infrastructure- distribution and sale business” clause. Many of our regular commercial property maintenance and builders have called making sure they will have access to crushed gravels, mulch and soils to complete their projects. That being said we are imposing the following to do as much as we can, while also maintaining as much social distance as possible.

Residential Customers

  • Office closed to walk-ins
  • Order for delivery via our online shop or by calling 847-802-8088
  • Phone hours M-F 7:00 to 5:00
  • Deliveries will be zero in-person contact. Please let us know where on the driveway you would like your product dropped. Receipts via email.
  • We are not doing any in person meetings for Sheds/Swing Sets/product info
  • We would be happy to help with any questions on products over the phone/email


Commercial Customers

  • Office hours now limited M-F 7:00 am to 11:00 am
  • Phone hours M-F 7:00 to 5:00
  • Orders placed in-person are through vestibule only
  • Walk-ins only available to commercial customers for pickup/drop-off of materials




—-Previous Post on 3/18/20—

There is no doubting this is a tough time in our society. 83 Landscape Supply is here to do all it can to insure you are able to still receive socially responsible landscape products.  Here is a quick update on current operations and steps we have taken toward social distancing and limited exposure to Covid-19.

Yes, We’re Open! M-F 7-5  Sat 8-2

Weeds are coming, beds need to be mulched & veggie gardens need compost! We intend to stay open to serve our customers and keep our employees paid. We are taking precautions to minimize customer and employee exposure. We have employees taking temperatures daily, going over correct hand washing protocols, and general awareness of social distancing/practices.


Our office is still open. We have reduced our customer area from the full office to the vestibule during your visit.  All interactions can take place “bank style” through safety glass.  Hand sanitizer is provided and encouraged before and after your visit. We do encourage use of our first-in-the-area Website Shop. You can view products, add them to your cart, and even calculate delivery fees all without any interaction from us.  If you have any questions or prefer to place a phone order, please do not hesitate to call.  We are foreshadowing extra phone traffic, so leave a message if the line is busy, we will get back to you!

Special Notes

  • Online placed orders receive receipts automatically to an email provided.
  • Phone orders will not receive a paper receipt upon delivery. We are suspending knocking on the door until further notice. Emailed receipts are a current option and can be requested during a phone order.
  • As always, please note any special dump spot on your driveway during online/phone orders. If one is not provided it will be at driver’s discretion.
  • Online shopping in our Store is the preferred method
  • All credit card info provided online is encrypted by Stripe, we don’t even see credit card numbers!

Processing and Handling Products

The good thing here is all bulk products are limited to machine loading already because of weight. The standard practice from our storage bin to a pile on your driveway starts with scooping a product with a hydraulic machine called a Bobcat and dumping it into a open top delivery dump truck. We then take the dump truck and drive it to your address. During dumping the load, hydraulics are used again to increase the angle of the bed.  All products dump out into a pile. We close the doors to the truck and we’re on our way!

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